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Supa Fly

War! All supply routes are controlled by the militia. Your job security of supply and the control of all water and air to regain ways.


Supa Fly is an arcade shooter in cartoon style available, you have a single-engine propeller plane (Cessna), a jet plane (F-16) or a stealth fighter (F-117). Be careful with your choice of both armor and fuel consumption vary widely among different types of aircraft. It is possible to improve the weapon system to be found in the shop. The game does not require real money !!

Embark in the waiting for your mission a multitude of enemies at you. They'll try hard to carry on life on land, air and water. There are waiting helicopter, warships and tanks to you. You'll also repeatedly encounter supply silos and armories of opponents, under the binding power of the enemy in order to achieve your goal.

Good Luck!

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Published in Android
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